When I decided to get Botox and other skin treatments, I was uncertain where I should go. There are so many companies out there with discounts, promotions, and success stories. Some staffed cosmetologists or aestheticians. Others were run by surgeons or general doctors. I didn’t know where to start.

All of it was so overwhelming.

But in the midst of the information overload, one thing was constant: my skin. My skin is something that I’ll have for the rest of my life. I had heard horror stories of botched laser treatments, chemical peels, and other treatments that left patients scarred.

Scarred. *shudders*

So I knew I needed to do as much research as possible to ensure I ended up with a skilled specialist, who was educated, trained, and experienced enough to care for my skin and provide quality treatment — not damage it.

Dermatologists in Greensboro are qualified, but are they the best choice?

I have a regular dermatologist in Greensboro that I see to check my skin for any pre-cancerous spots or irregularities. But he didn’t specialize in aesthetic services in Greensboro. Although he was qualified to perform Botox and chemical peels, he really didn’t know much about the services when I asked him. That was scary.

I knew a specialist with a background in dermatology was probably the best route to go but I needed more. I needed a dermatologist who was trained specifically in aesthetic services.

After a little bit of research, I found a Board Certified physician with a dermatology background and training in aesthetic medicine in Greensboro.

The trifecta!

I felt really comfortable knowing I wasn’t going with an aesthetician in Greensboro, cosmetologist or merely a beautician. It’s not that I don’t think they are trained well — but this is my face I was taking chances on. It was really important to know the person performing aesthetic medicine to improve my looks was a Board Certified physician who was trained specifically in aesthetic services in Greensboro. The education and training they receive in skin care surpasses any training an aesthetician in Greensboro could have. I wanted my face to look the best, so I searched for the best.

Doctors trained in aesthetic services in Greensboro know skin from the top layer to the bottom

I didn’t know this until my first visit, but my physician showed me a sketch of a face with indications of where my facial muscles were. She showed me where she would be injecting Botox for the most effective results while preventing issues.

I didn’t really think about the benefits of my physician knowing anatomy. And that’s why she’s the doctor.

It really relieved me to know, as a Board Certified physician, she was trained specifically in these procedures and knew exactly where she needed to inject my skin to reach the illustrated muscles.

I didn’t worry about having my own horror story. Instead I just couldn’t wait to share my success story.

And maybe a selfie.

So if I could sum up my decision to go with a full-fledged physician for skin treatments, it would be just that: relief.

Board Certified Physicians make aesthetic services in Greensboro so much more convenient

Going with a Board certified Physician was also really convenient. She could write any pre-procedure prescriptions I needed during my consultations to ensure my skin and body were fully prepared to receive safe and effective aesthetic services in Greensboro.

And if I had any other needs, such as sun spots that needed lightening, she could write me a script for that, too!

It is one-stop shopping at her office when it comes to looking younger, and it was because I chose a specialist who was licensed, certified, and trained in aesthetic medicine in Greensboro.

You should, too.

Why trust your face to someone who isn’t Board certified and has not received specialized training in aesthetic medicine?

Are you willing to risk your looks?

I wasn’t!

I’m so glad I did the research.

With all the information out there, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and make the wrong decision without the right information.

I hope my experience and research made your quest for information a little easier, too.

Rejuvenation MD’s skin treatments are provided by a Board Certified Physician trained in aesthetic services in Greensboro

I know what it’s like to be inundated with so much information and so many options regarding skin care and treatments. It compounds the stress of finding flaws and wanting them fixed.

A Board Certified physician not only has the education, certifications, and experience you need, she will also have the prescriptions, up-to-date industry information, and a customized plan made just for your skin.

It makes your decision a whole lot easier and lowers your stress level knowing that you’re in the best hands possible.

“Dr. Umbreen Chaudhary at Rejuvenation MD is a Board Certified physician in Greensboro. She is a specialist, trained in internal medicine and aesthetic services. Call her today to get started with a customized plan that’s right for you.*

*Individual results will vary”