I Got a 30-Minute Facial and Didn’t Wear Foundation for Weeks


Faith Xue

*Individual results may vary
It feels a bit vain to recount the number of compliments I’ve gotten about my skin over the past two weeks, so I’ll go ahead and skip that part and say this: I’m currently experiencing the best skin of my life, and it’s largely due to a 30-minute treatment I got at the Four Seasons spa in Beverly Hills two weeks ago.

That’s right—30 minutes. I can think of a lot of things I can do in 30 minutes,none of which result in me having skin rivaling that of a newborn. The life-changing facial in question is called the Fire and Ice Facial (insert Game of Thrones theme song), which sounds mysterious and magical, but it’s actually quite simple—and will totally give you glowing skin like Lady Sansa.

*Individual results may vary

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You don’t have to visit the Four Season’s to have this treatment.  Schedule your fire and ice treatment before your next event.   Our price is $75.00, not $215.00 .