What is a Fire and Ice skin treatment?

     Fire & Ice                                  skin treatment.. “Hollywood Facial” The FIRE: The “heat” during this treatment is used to stimulate blood circulation, allowing youthful cells to regenerate on the surface. The ICE: The cold sensation reduces the inflammation and redness of the skin following the heat. The” ice” also achieves a soft and smooth skin complexion, which will leave you with a

Anti Aging Procedures

ANTI AGING PROCEDURES You’ve probably never heard of some of the unorthodox (and effective) treatments your friends are undergoing to look younger. By Liz Krieger. Harper’s Bazaar  May 2016 Catch on to a new wave of possibilities for familiar aesthetic procedures INSTANT EYEBROW SHAPING “I can give your eyebrows that sought-after arch without so much

Epidermal Leveling

Time to Pamper Yourself!     Epidermal Leveling…also known as dermaplaning This non-invasive technique works by sanding the facial skins top layer to restore a smoother, energized appearance. Epidermal leveling not only reduces dead skin cells, but it will also reduce fine facial hair and stimulates new cell growth.    Lovelier lips      


  *Individual results may vary   Hello All! I am so excited to tell you about our new treatment, Kybella! I met with our Allergan rep recently to discuss adding this to our practice. For those of you who have not heard me talk about it… It’s the new FDA approved treatment for contouring and

Seeing is Believing

Fall Savings!! Seeing Is Believing Do you need to get refreshed for the upcoming holidays? Don’t wait until the last minute. Help add volume to your cheeks or filler to your smile lines. Come see us and take advantage of $100.00 Off Radiesse and Juvederm! Reduce your frown lines between your eyebrows and those crows

Now Your Hands May Not Tell Your Age!

Aging Hands? Treatment for Aging Hands – Radiesse has been FDA approved for hand augmentation to treat loss of volume in hands.   *Individual results may vary Radiesse injections can rapidly re-plump and replenish volume to the back of the hands to possibly provide a supple and youthful appearance . Placed beneath the skin, Radiesse raises the

How To Have Better Skin By Spring

Our TCA Peel is a great way to improve your skin Reduce the build up of dead skin Help to treat sun damage Reduce pore size Help clear blemishes Stimulate collagen activity Decrease wrinkles and fine lines Promotes healthier skin Improves skin texture, tone and hydration Promotional Price $60.00   Obagi Nu Derm Transforming Kit

Looking To Treat Summers Sun Damage?

*Individual results may vary End-of-Summer Skincare: Treating Sun Damage Did you get more sun exposure this summer than you intended and now have the proof  on your face?   There are ways to treat the appearance of sun-damaged skin.  We customize what treatment is best for you after your consultation and skin analysis. The following treatments are excellent for your skin imperfections