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End-of-Summer Skincare: Treating Sun Damage

Did you get more sun exposure this summer than you intended and now have the proof  on your face?   There are ways to treat the appearance of sun-damaged skin.  We customize what treatment is best for you after your consultation and skin analysis.

The following treatments are excellent for your skin imperfections concerns:

IPL  (Intense Pulse Light) treatment targets brown spots, broken capillaries, redness and overall texture of skin.  Great for rosacea patients and sun damage.

Fractional C02 Resurfacing   Is a deeper peel procedure and can peel sun damage, such as brown spots and wrinkles and leave you with fresh new skin.

Chemical peels  peel the top layer of skin which improves uneven skin tones  and  and fine lines, melasma (dark patchy spots), and acne.

Call us today to find out which procedure will give you back your clear skin!