RealSelf’s Most Worth it Treatments for 2020 are Here!

It’s a new year, which means RealSelf has announced it’s “Most Worth It” treatments for the 2020 year! Rejuvenation MD is thrilled to offer several of RealSelf’s Most Worth It treatments in our office, such as Co2 Laser and HydraFacial MD! How does RealSelf come up with this rating, you might ask? RealSelf’s Worth It

Treating Migraines with Botox

  Do you suffer from frequent migraines that seem to prevent you from your daily life? Could Botox be the solution you are looking for? What is Botox? Botox is a neurotoxin, a poison made by bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. It was approved in 2010 for adults who get chronic migraines,  That means you have

Vampire Facials, Spooky or Spectacular?

Vampire Facial’s otherwise known as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Facials are hugely beneficial..but also looks incredibly terrifying. PRP utilizes the body’s blood to regenerate new cellular growth and assist with healing your skin. PRP boosts collagen production, energize stem cells and improve circulation. As well as plumping up the skin and giving you a youthful glow, it