January Specials

January Specials   Botox/Dysport A treatment for wrinkle correction on the forehead and crows feet. $10.00 a unit – Normally $13.00 The average cost of treatment is $200.00   Reward Programs A lot of you have signed up for Brilliant Distinctions , a rewards program from Botox that gives you a coupon after each visit.... Read More »

Epidermal Leveling

Time to Pamper Yourself!     Epidermal Leveling…also known as dermaplaning This non-invasive technique works by sanding down the facial skins top layer to restore a smoother, energized appearance. Epidermal leveling not only removes dead skin cells, but it will also eliminate fine facial hair and stimulates new cell growth.    Lovelier lips    ... Read More »


    Hello All! I am so excited to tell you about our new treatment, Kybella! I met with our Allergan rep recently to discuss adding this to our practice. For those of you who have not heard me talk about it… It’s the new FDA approved treatment for contouring and reducing under chin fat.... Read More »

Summer Savings!

Summer Savings!   Restore and smooth a more youthful-looking appearance with  RADIESSE®  Get the lift and volume you want  Smooth your smile lines  Lift your downturned corners of mouth Smooth Chin wrinkles Fill in Marionette lines Give your hands back the lost volume While stimulating your body’s own collagen.   Get one free Radiesse with... Read More »

Did you know we do the same treatment as offered in Beverly Hills!?!

I Got a 30-Minute Facial and Didn’t Wear Foundation for Weeks   by FAITH XU It feels a bit vain to recount the number of compliments I’ve gotten about my skin over the past two weeks, so I’ll go ahead and skip that part and say this: I’m currently experiencing the best skin of my... Read More »

Aesthetic Medicine in Greensboro: Choose a Board Certified Physician

When I decided to get Botox and other skin treatments, I was uncertain where I should go. There are so many companies out there with discounts, promotions, and success stories. Some staffed cosmetologists or aestheticians. Others were run by surgeons or general doctors. I didn’t know where to start. All of it was so overwhelming.... Read More »

Sagging skin. Is Thermage the answer?

Having children is such a great gift, right? I’ve been told that over and over again. I love my children, I do. But I do not love what they did to my body. After giving birth to my second and last child and losing over 100 pounds, my stomach looks like a saggy road map.... Read More »

New Product Launch - For Lips and Lines Around Mouth

images (2)  Finally,  a treatment designed exclusively for lips and the lines around the mouth.   We are excited for the launch of  RESTYLANE SILK® Restylane Silk® is the first FDA approved treatment to specifically address lips and the lines around them. Restylane Silk® is a unique, refined formulation designed for precise lip shaping and for smoothing... Read More »

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